Innovations in Mobile Blood Drives: Overcoming Challenges in Remote Collection 

Blood donation is a vital part of healthcare systems around the world. Mobile blood drives, where blood collection vehicles visit remote areas to collect blood donations, play a crucial role in maintaining adequate blood supplies. However, running successful mobile blood drives comes with unique challenges not faced by traditional in-house blood collection centers. In this […]

Donor Engagement in a Digital World: Adapting to Changing Donor Preferences 

The way donors engage with nonprofits and charities has changed dramatically in recent years. With the rise of digital technology and social media, organizations must adapt their fundraising and engagement strategies to meet modern donors where they are – online. Building genuine relationships through digital channels has become critical for nonprofits to sustain donor retention […]

The Future of Blood Center Marketing: Leveraging Degree37’s Tools for Success 

Blood donation is a lifesaving act that impacts millions of people each year. Blood centers play a critical role in recruiting, retaining and managing blood donors to ensure a stable supply of blood is available when needed. However, blood centers face increasing challenges in marketing their mission and recruiting new donors. In the digital age, […]