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To create a world where the life-giving potential of blood flows freely, reaching every corner of the globe, building healthier communities, and fostering a safer future for all. 


To ignite a collective spirit of compassion, rallying individuals and communities to embrace the noble act of blood donation through technology-driven facilitation, enabling long-term partnerships and deep community engagement. 

Founder’s Message

Degree37 is a company that is passionate about blood donation. We believe that blood donation is a life-saving act, and we want to make it as easy and rewarding as possible for people to donate. 

Our goal is to bridge the communication gap between blood centers and donors. We believe that donors should have all the information they need to make an informed decision about whether or not to donate, and they should feel valued and appreciated for their donation. 

We are also committed to creating bonds with new donors and strengthening bonds with existing ones. We believe that when donors feel connected to their local blood center, they are more likely to donate on a regular basis. 

We are not just a company with a vision; we are a company that is here to make that vision happen. We are working every day to improve the donor experience and make it easier for people to save lives. 

Examples of how Degree37 is working to achieve its mission and vision:  

Core Values

We Embrace Empathy

Demonstrating deep care and empathy for every life remains at the core of our mission. We leverage this compassion to connect people, encourage giving, and vitalize heartbeats. 

We Uphold Steadfast Integrity

We take pride in operating with full honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct as we consider ourselves accountable to the highest standards in all interactions and business practices. 

We Fuel Impactful Innovation

What continues to drive us forward, even in challenging times, is embracing continuous innovation and technology advancements to enhance engagement, facilitate donations, and overall impact. 

We Strive for Purposeful Excellence

Setting high standards for ourselves and delivering exceptional service, solutions, and support is the cornerstone of our vision as we keep our focus on measurable outcomes. 

We Empower Community Engagement

We actively involve and educate the community recognizing the importance of engagement and supporting initiatives that promote awareness, education, and accessibility in blood donation. 

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